Ink+Paper believes in:

Supporting and showcasing unique and talented artists

Making great art easier to discover

Providing high quality, unusual products

Celebrating beautiful and engaging art and design

 Giving something back to its community

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Feel free to contact Ink+Paper if you have any queries or suggestions.

If you are an artist who would like to know more about contributing to the Ink+Paper collection we'd love to hear from you! Please email the address below along with some examples of your work (either attached or through a link) and we will get in touch with further information.

If you would like to suggest a Bristol-based cause to be supported by our donations, please either email or use the contact form and include some information about the cause.

Email: contact@inkpaperart.co.uk

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thank you

To everyone who supported the first Ink+Paper collection: Rachel S, Breanainn F, Alexander M, Alex G, Amy M, Leo B, Shaun B, James S, Dan O, Rayna L, Min W, Sam R, Emmanuel G, Clare F, Dorothy A, Ruth M, Tim L, Leah M, Ian P, Moyra S, Melita K, Maureen S, Fiona S, Tim G, Susan M, Ann M, Ruth S, Hazel N, Gary R, Rhys H, Andy T, Sam T

To Elena Blanco, for supporting the development of Ink+Paper with her beautiful artwork. Website / Shop